Ascension Christian vs Delcambre

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This past week Ascension Christian played Delcambre. The game was a blowout that sadly resulted in a 53-16 loss for the Lions. Both teams fought hard, but Delcambre was able to come away with the win. One unfortunate moment was when Senior Luke Sylve dislocated his should again and will most likely be out for the rest of the season. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Ascension Christian vs Ben Franklin!

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The Ascension Christian Lions faced off against Ben Franklin this past Friday. Sadly, the game ended with the Lions taking a loss to bring their season record to 0-2. The Lions fought hard almost coming back in the fourth quarter with Tyler Cambre leading the team in receiving yards again!  There were a few injuries like Derrick Varnado’s concussion, Luke Sylve’s dislocated shoulder, and Jaiden Perry’s broken finger. We wish them a speedy recovery.


Flag Football Head Coach | Joey Evans

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This week Joshua Springman and Derrick Varnado of Lion Nation News had the chance to interview Joey Evans, Head Coach for the Junior High Flag Football Team. During the interview, they asked him a few key questions about what he really wanted to see achieved this school year. Coach Joey Evans largely spoke on how he wanted to develop these young kids spiritually, physically, and competitively. Coach Evans is not only a coach, but he is a true light in lives of his players.


ACH Football Roster

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Name and Number Height Weight Position
1. Andrew Ritchie  5’10 150 RB/LB
2. Jaden Barton  5’7 145   WR/DB
4. Nathan Bledsoe  5’10 130 WR/DB
7. Derrick Varnado  5’10 165 WR/S
8. Zachary Diez  5’9 135 QB/DB
10. Hunter Jacobs  5’9 150 WR/DB
12. Adin Carter          5’7 140 QB/K
14. Tyler Cambre   5’10 145 WR/DB
15. Aidan Leblanc 5’10 140 WR/DB
18. Hayden Cashat 5’10 145 DB/K
20. Michael Burnett 5’10 145 WR/DB
21. Joshua Springman 5’7 130 WR/DB
23. Jaiden Perry  5’5 135 WR/DB
25. Byron Hansley 5’10 155 RB/S
29. Brady Gueho 5’7 175 RB/LB
41. Trevor Ward  5’10   170 OL/DL
42. Jacob Etter 5’9 150 WR/LB
52. Nikko Lamb    5’8 160 OL/DL
53. Luke Gautreaux 5’9 160 OL/DL
54. Luke Sylve  5’10 210 OL/DL
55. Colin Peterson 5’10 175 OL/LB
56. Brian Anderson 6’2 205 OL/LB
58. Peyton Chidester 6’1 195 OL/DL
60. Christopher Moore  6’1 170 OL/DL
62. Noah Blair 5’8 165 OL/DL
64. Ethan Hunt 5’7 175 OL/DL
68. Willie Robinson 5’10 150 OL/DL
72. Jordan Severin 6’3 220 OL/DL
75. Luke Rodriguez  6’1 260 OL/DL
76. Daniel Jones 5’8 150 OL/LB
77. Justin Krass 5’5 160 OL/DL
80. Kyle Frakes 5’9 145 WR/DB
88. Bentley Fearheiley 5’7 130 WR/DB
Jason Kelly
Emmory Templet
Jaden Kinler
Superintendent: Mark Pellegrin
Pastor: Scott Bledsoe
Principal: Kadie Benz
Athletic Director: Joshua Puryear
Head Coach: Josh Puryear
Assistant Coaches: Rodney Rousseau, Dillon Leblanc, Joey Evans, Reggie Gomez


Further than the Football Field?

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by Joshua Springman & Derrick Varnado, Sports Reporters

Insider the mind of our senior players…

Derrick, Sports Reporter: As a senior how does it feel to play your final season of football?

Tyler Cambre: You know I’m ready for it but at the same time I’m not ready for it because I don’t want to leave.

Derrick, Sports Reporter: Stepping into a big leadership role, what are you doing to help this 2018 team out?

Tyler Cambre: Well, just keeping the team under control, and doing the best I can to show everybody what a good leader is and keeping everybody in line.

Joshua, Sports Reporter: As a new senior and first year player how do you think you’ll prove your worth on the field?

Hunter Jacobs: Um, it feels good to be a first year player. I have a good feeling about this year, we’re going to do good and make it happen.

Derrick, Sports Reporter: As the leaders of the wide receivers, how do you plan to dominate going both ways on the field?

Tyler Cambre: I just try and stay in shape as best I can with sprints and everything we do in practice and just try and help everybody as best I can to keep up. 041602

Derrick, Sports Reporter: As the leader of the O-line, how are y’all preparing with such young guys?

Luke Sylve: Well I’m just taking what i learned from the seniors before me and i’m teaching that to them.

Derrick, Sports Reporter: What’s the preparation like for coming off of a 7-3 season?

Luke Sylve: Basically we are just getting into it early. Working out, then coming to the field and getting it done and doing our thing.

Derrick, Sports Reporter: What’s the preparation like for coming off of a 7-3 season?

Tyler Cambre: This year we’re just working on little, keeping it simple. We’re working on tackling, receiving, catching, defense. Everything we can to get better.

football pic

Tyler Cambre, Luke Sylve, Hunter Jacobs


2018 Football Schedule

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Date Opponent Time
August 16th @ East Iberville (scrimmage) 5:00pm
August 24th ACH Jamboree 5:30pm
August 31st @ Springfield 7:00pm
Sept 7th Ben Franklin 7:00pm
Sept 14th @ Houma Christian 7:00pm
Sept 21nd @ Westminster High 7:00pm
Sept 28th Fisher 7:00pm
Oct 5th St. Martin Episcopal (HC) 7:00pm
Oct 12th Delcambre 7:00pm
Oct 19th @ Booker T Washington 7:00pm
Oct 26th @ Ville Platte 7:00pm
Nov 2nd Slaughter Charter

(Senior Night)