Disney Plus, LNN Weighs In

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Disney Plus, $6.99 for childhood nostalgia. And it’s worth it.

The LNN staff reviewed and even sampled some of the shows and movies on the new Disney Plus. There are many Disney Channel and personal childhood favorites, such as Hannah Montana, and Kim Possible that are now one click away! Disney Plus created their own originals that release an episode each week, such as the new High School Musical: The Series and The Mandalorian. There are also a plethora of nostalgic movies available. From Chicken Little to the original Cinderella, there is a great variety of movies that will bring back those special memories. 

As far as navigation and the interface, it is set up like Netflix, including the family profiles and user-friendliness. It is also organized by different production studios like Marvel, Discovery Education, National Geographic, Pixar, and others.

LNN sent a survey to Mrs. Britton’s Computational Thinking class and asked what they were most excited for from Disney Plus. While many mentioned the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian, an overwhelming number of students admitted they were really excited to binge watch Hannah Montanta, a childhood nostalgic trip for sure! Despite Luke O. admitting, “What is Disney Plus?”, Alexis T. said she is excited for Kim Possible and movies like Captain Marvel and Frozen. Gabby L. unabashedly shared that she was really excited for the Camp Rock and High School Musical movies. 

Senior, Aidan L., does have his speculations though, wondering:“Is it possible that Disney Plus could be the Netflix killer that everyone has been waiting on?” The staff at LNN believe that for this holiday season, it certainly seems so.

What’s your favorite show or movie on Disney Plus? Leave a comment below.

2019 Lion Cup

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Many sports teams fundraise by selling chocolate, having bake sales, and even selling discount cards. For the past few years, ACH soccer has fundraised for their program by hosting the Lion Cup. For the past two years, the Lion Cup has been the second largest High School Soccer Tournament in the state of Louisiana! 

This year, the Lions will be hosting over 40+ teams at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center for its tournament. The Lion Cup will take place December 6th-7th. 

Each year, the tournament only grows bigger and bigger! Many fans come out to support their team and to enjoy a good game of soccer. 

Many of the players would agree that the Lion Cup is the most highly anticipated event of the entire season. Everyone who attends enters a fun and competitive atmosphere for all ages to enjoy! 

Please come out December 6th-7th and show your support for the ACH soccer program! 

Meme Contest

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The cast of Lion Nation News needs your help coming up with a meme. As a class, we sold our goal of 30 yearbooks by November 1st. Therefore, Mr. Denham is awarding us with a cake!! This cake will be no ordinary, plain cake bought from Walmart. Instead, we are going to be putting some type of image on it. We need your help with making a great meme to put it over the top. This meme must be about ACH or Lion Nation News and be appropriate!! As a class, we will choose one meme tomorrow during sixth hour. The winner of this contest will have their meme on the cake, as well as being able to join us for this party. Woo hoo!! Send all submissions to ccancienne@students.aclions.org or glewis@students.aclions.org by Thursday, November 7 at lunchtime! Good luck!:) wheres-the-cake-1t1s9h

The Frost Tipped Beauty


When regarding our favorite animal, dogs and cats usually come to mind. Because of that, other animals don’t get as much love as they really should. Like the arctic fox. The arctic fox is undoubtedly the most underrated animal ever. The arctic fox is a white fox that lives in the tundra, which includes areas like Alaska, Norway, and even Russia. So, why is this fox the most elegant animal on earth?

The arctic fox has a perfect coat of fur, softer than a ball of cotton. These cousins of the dog family are smaller than other foxes–and we all know that smaller equals cuter. Cuteness is its greatest feature. For the people that don’t like cuteness, the arctic fox is also very helpful in maintaining the circle of life. They eat small animals like rodents and such. So if you have a mouse problem, send in the Vulpes lagopus (arctic fox’s sciencey name).

It’s Bats! I Love Halloween.

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Spooky season is here!  Halloween dates back to around 2,000 years ago and the name actually means “hallowed evening,” or All Hallow’s Eve. People once believed that on this day they could connect with the souls of the dead, whether it be a family member or a friend.

The Celts celebrated this day by wearing costumes made out of animal hide or leaves to resemble spirits and ghosts. They would have huge feasts and create what we now know as jack-o-lanterns. Over the next few hundred years, the Halloween traditions died down a little as the Puritan religion (a strict Christian community in England and the American colonies) strengthened. 

You might be surprised to hear that children didn’t always want candy from their neighbors. Instead of begging for fun-sized Hershey bars and Three Musketeers, people went door to door begging for “soul cakes”. “Soul cakes,” despite what they sound like, are just little biscuits, but you wouldn’t get one unless you danced for it. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 1.46.59 PM

Over the years, Halloween has evolved into what it is today! Dressing up as your favorite movie character or celebrity, visiting haunted houses, watching scary movies, and carving pumpkins with friends are some of the most popular festivities. And don’t forget about all of the fun coffee flavors that come with the fall season! 

Enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget to follow my SCARY SEASONNNNN playlist


Jack-O-Lanterns used to be made from turnips

The White House is haunted

Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween

In Alabama, it’s illegal to dress up as a priest or a nun on Halloween

Halloween is more Irish than St. Patrick’s Day

Best Ways to Start Off in Minecraft :)

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Welcome to your beginner guide for Minecraft survival mode! When you first start off, wherever you are, find wood. Wood is essential to any item, because you can use wood to craft many things in the game. When you begin, you should get three wood logs, which will provide you with 12 wood planks. Use four for a crafting table, two for sticks, and the last six to make a pickax and sword.

This is how you should mine down dig forward once and down once all the way to bedrock

Once you have your tools, you should go and gather food. You can get food from cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, and other creatures. Try to get around 20 pieces of any food. Once you have your food and tools, you can start to mine. The #1 rule in Minecraft is to never dig straight down because you never know when you will come across lava when you mine. This is because you could fall into a pit of lava and lose all the materials that you worked to get. The best mining technique is to continuously dig forward and down one at a time (see pic). Your goal is to pick up all the materials you pass up at the start so you can have plenty when you finish. Whenever you’re done with the first, go all the way to bedrock (the bottom) and go up 12 blocks. When you do that, dig in a straight line and you will most likely find diamonds (the best material in the game!). You can use this material to craft diamond armor and better tools. Once you have done all of this, you have set yourself up for the rest of your game; for more advanced fights like the Ender Dragon, or Wither. Have fun, mess around with houses, and explore for a while before you move on and beat the game.

—— Here’s some of the progress I made while playing for a couple days ——

This is where I keep most of my really good gear 🙂

There are hidden chests under the cauldron and the shulker boxes are all full :O

“Thou Shall Consumeth Thy Fruit and Thy Veggie” Lettucicus 12:13

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Okay, okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it’s written. In all seriousness, 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Many people overlook the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. With easy access to junk food, like candy and energy drinks, eating healthy has become less and less common. It’s very important, especially as a growing individual, to maintain a healthy diet. Without fruits and vegetables, it is a very hard task to accomplish.spinach

An ideal diet, like the one pictured below, features a majority of fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta and potatoes. It’s still important to consume some fats, meats and dairy, but the fruits and vegetables provide a healthy foundation for our bodies.


Good examples of vegetables to eat would be spinach, carrots, broccoli, green peas and cabbage. Vegetables, like these, are very important because they provide essential nutrients like potassium and fiber.

Good examples of fruits to eat are apples, grapefruit, avocados, berries and pineapples. Fruits like these provide various vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and folate.grapefruit

With all of this being said, the fruits and vegetables can only give you all of these nutrients if you actually eat them. For your physical, mental and spiritual health, please make sure you’re eating your fruits and veggies. You’re welcome, moms.

Don’t Get Spooked by the Mafia. It’s Italian Heritage Month!

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Happy Italian Heritage Month! Yep, October is a month to slow things down and before gobbling up that Halloween candy, or the turkey next month, you can dig in and enjoy some good Italian food… and try not to get spooked by the mafia.

Italian heritage month is formally known as National Italian American Heritage Month. It was created by George. H. W. Bush in 1989. George H. W. Bush to honor the achievements and contributions of Italian immigrants.

A fast fact about Italian Americans: The greatest surge of Italian immigrants was between 1880 and 1914 with over four million Italians emigrating to America.


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For most people Fortnite is one of, if not the best game they have ever played. The game has a record 250 million player accounts as of recent. For those that may not know what the game is, it’s a battle royale and the winner is the last person or last team standing.

Sunday, October 12 Fortnite Chapter 1 was closed downhaving been sucked into a literal black hole. Two days later, the game reemerged and is, basically, an entirely new game. Fortnite Chapter 2 consists of a new map, new game mechanics, and much more.

The game’s map has also changed drastically. With the introduction of Chapter 2, they introduced 13 new landing zones. The returning landing zones are Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Salty Springs. The new zones are Steaming Stacks, Holly Hedges, Sweaty Sands, Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows, Slurpy Swamp, Weeping Woods, Craggy Cliffs, Dirty Docks, and Frenzy Farm.

The game added brand new game mechanics. You can now carry downed teammates to safety. You can also find fishing poles in the game and fish for health items, shield items, or weapons. You can also upgrade weapons using build materials. You can hide in haystacks and dumpsters for surprise attacks. A bandage bazooka was added in the game that heals you and your team when fired upon.

This update made a new game even better.

more info here: https://kotaku.com/heres-whats-new-in-fortnites-chapter-2-1839104435

pEpPa, wHaT aRe yOu DoInG oN LnN?!

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I’m pretty sure that everyone knows who Peppa Pig is. Well if you don’t, I’ll give you a little rundown of everyone’s favorite pig. She is a four year old pig who lives with her little brother George Pig and her Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

Peppa is estimated to be at least 7 ft tall. She’s such a tall 4 year old! According to peppapig.com, Peppa has many friends including, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Zoe Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony, Gerald Giraffe, Freddie Fox, Emily Elephant and Candy Cat (she’s pretty popular piggy if I say so myself).

She also spends her free-time playing with her best friend Suzy (as mentioned above), and jumping up and down in MUDDY PUDDLES! But every time she goes to jump in muddy puddles, she always makes sure that she has on her boots.

She attends a preschool with all of her friends and her little brother with a teacher named Madam Gazelle. She teaches them many things such as how to play instruments and teaches them the “Bing-Bong-Boo” song that is sang on field trips.

This is just a peek into our favorite pig’s life, but I promise you, once you peel back all the layers, she’s the best friend you never knew you needed.

pictures of Peppa with her family and friends

Peppa and her family jumping up and down in muddy puddles!
Here, Peppa is seen riding her bike with her friends!
Peppa at preschool with her friends and teacher, Madam Gazelle (on the far left).

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