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Is Kanye Coming to Homecoming? Maybe.

by Gabrielle LeBlanc

As many are well aware, Ascension Christian’s homecoming is right around the corner. The game will be held on October 1st, while the dance will be on October 2nd.

The tradition goes far back into ACH’s history, but its origins go back much further. Homecoming began in the 1800s, though there is mystery surrounding which institution held the first event. Baylor, Southwestern, Illinois, and Missouri have attempted to credit themselves with its inception.

In regards to our own school, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this year’s Homecoming. The theme will be centered around Willy Wonka. On Friday, ACH will play St. Martin and hopefully be able to close homecoming week with a victory.

The dance may be more exciting than usual this year. Lion Nation News has been in contact with someone who has taken it upon himself to invite Kanye West to our semi-formal. He has requested to remain anonymous. Hopefully his attempt is successful.

ACH certainly is not the only school who participates in this tradition. Colleges and high schools alike take part in it annually.

A game, usually football, is held, followed by a dance of some sort. There is an exception to the rule though, because some schools may play a basketball or soccer game and attribute it to homecoming.

This game is what homecoming as a whole revolves around traditionally. It was created for alumni to return to their alma mater.

It is customary for a high school to hold the dance the day after the game. They have a king and a queen, which are usually seniors and voted for by their peers. Additional celebrations include, but are not limited to, a dress up week, a parade, and a pep rally. Ascension Christian happens to participate in all of these.\

Not only is there a queen and king, but also a homecoming court. The court consists of senior girls and the senior football team players. Ascension Christian’s 2021 court holds Bella Barbour, Raisha Kelly, CJ Raven, Gianni Taylor, Alexa Garcia, Brayden Trege, Emory Templet, Daniel Pyle, Ethan Cormier, Luke Gautreaux, Brandon Stokley, Ethan Hunt, Robert Siharath, and Aidan Wascom.

The king and queen will be crowned on October 1st, at the game. It is customary for the former king and queen, Grace Lewis and Christopher Moore, to crown the new royalty.

The staff at Lion Nation News is looking forward to this year’s festivities.

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