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How Some Faculty Spent Their Summer Vacation

Lion Nation News’ (LNN) biggest fan, Ms. Vaughn, was quick to provide some witty remarks about how she spent her summer vacation.

Ms. Vaughn

When asked about a vacation, Ms. Vaughn kept her comment brief. “I do sta-cation. I do not do the G-O word.” Ms. Vaughn is passionate not only about Ascension Christian but also about tending to her dogs at home. If you ever want to get Ms. Vaughn talking about something other than your grades, strike up a conversation about her dogs. She has an endless supply of stories to share. 

It’s no secret that LNN is also a big fan of Ms. Vaughn. She often appears in some of our videos. If you scan through the growing catalog of videos on YouTube, you’re sure to find her there.

Ms. Vaughn’s dachshund George.

“I get to sleep in an hour later in the morning,” Ms. Vaughn said, reflecting on the best part of the summertime. 

In between working, spending time with her grandchildren, and taking care of her pups, Ms. Vaughn made a few visits to her favorite store Barnes & Noble. Over the summer, she read John Grisham’s new novel Sooley

The hardest part of the summer for Ms. Vaughn was losing someone very dear to her heart. “Unfortunately George died,” she said. “Having one of my family leave always breaks my heart.” George had been with Ms. Vaughn for a very long time. He had even become an unofficial mascot on the ACH campus, also appearing in the 2020-2021 yearbook. 

For those who are sports fanatics, Ms. Vaughn is a huge LSU Baseball fan. So if dogs are not your thing, baseball is also a good way to steer that conversation away from your grades. 

On a final note, the ACH yearbook staff is extremely thankful for Ms. Vaughn. Earlier in the summer, the Lord put the word ARISE in Ms. Vaughn’s heart. After sharing it with other administrators and some teachers, the concept made its way to the yearbook staff who were immediately drawn to it and claimed it as the 2021-2022 yearbook theme. 

All of that summer hiking led McDaniel there.

How does a math teacher spend her summer? Let’s find out!

Mrs. McDaniel went to Colorado over the summer. Wait! Jamaica too? There is no way she… wait, what? New York City? LNN hopes she didn’t fly Spirit Airlines

Mrs. McDaniel finishing her first 10k!

Mrs. McDaniel did some traveling and spent some long-overdue time with out-of-state friends and family. After over a year of COVID restrictions, she was ready to reconnect with people she loves and misses.

Mrs. McDaniel also spent a lot of time by the pool and at the beach. While hanging out around the water, she read Before We Were Yours. “It’s about the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, which I was horror struct to find out really existed.” 

While Mrs. McDaniel ignored the movie theater over the summer, but she did discover that she doesn’t like hiking. Perhaps there is an interesting story there for students to ask about when school returns. 

“I am most looking forward to seeing all my students and making memories,” Mrs. McDaniel said about the upcoming school year. 

And just so you know, “I’ve been watching Big Bang Theory on HBO Max!” LNN wonders if she is more of a Sheldon, Leonard, Amy, Raj, Penny, or Bernadette fan. 

Mrs. Henagan and her son, Reid, enjoying time on the water.

For our Junior High readers out there! LNN was able to sit down with Mrs. Henagan and hear about her summer. 

Mrs. Henagan was eager to share some things about her family’s summer. “My family and I traveled to Ormond Beach, Florida, to visit my parents. We spent time on the beach and out in the boat fishing with my stepdad.”

“I love being able to sleep in!” she said when asked about her favorite part of summer vacation. “I do not go outside in this heat, so I’m not a fan of summer in general, but extra sleep is my favorite.”

Mrs. Henagan’s daughter, Charlotte, enjoying some time on the lake.

Mrs. Henagan really opened up and shared a really big secret. “I joined the library’s summer reading program!” Okay, not such a big secret. 

“I listened to several books on audio while driving or doing chores around the house,” she said. “Lately I’ve been enjoying Chrisitan historical fiction that involves mystery. I’m currently listening to The Secret of Pembrooke Park, which is set in England in the 1800s and has a mysterious abandoned manor that is claimed to have hidden treasure within its walls.” 

Mrs. Henagan spoke about her time in Florida. “My mom and I ate at this beautiful restaurant in an old house. I felt like I was dining in antebellum times!”

Our conversation turned to school topics. “I’m very excited about the new Bible curriculum this year,” she said. It is evident that her excitement for the new school year is growing as each day draws closer to August 16. 

Ms. Stone and her family.

Juniors and seniors! Do not fear! Ms. Stone is ready for another school year, which means Environmental Science, Biology, and yes, Chemistry!

Ms. Stone’s grandchild and family playing video games.

“My family went to Orlando for a week,” she said, sharing some stories from her summer vacation. “We arrived right before Hurricane Elsa did. We had a wonderful time at the parks, the space center, and the beach. The resort we stayed at was filled with lots of fun activities to keep everyone happy.”

When asked about her favorite part of summer, Ms. Stone had one word: “Relaxing.”

Over the summer, she read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. And yes, LNN asked, she finished all 1,168 pages. A rewarding read, just lengthy. 

With the new school year just around the corner, Ms. Stone took a moment to think about what she is most looking forward to. ”Trying new teaching strategies to help students understand and master the material.” 

Mr. Denham

“The summer flew by,” Mr. Denham said, thinking back over the months since May. “I filled my time mostly with my doctoral studies. I took a class over the summer that ends in a week. But I have another class starting a few days later.”

“I also spent a lot of time with Winston,” he said, referring to his 18-month-old Yorkshire Terrier. His Yorkie’s full name is Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, named after the historical figure who saved Western civilization from collapsing during World War II. 

When asked about what he read and watched over the summer, Mr. Denham confessed he hadn’t watched a lot of movies lately. “Actually, I haven’t been to the movie theater since November 2019. That is really strange for me to say because I use to be such a big movie buff. The last Hollywood film I saw was Terminator Dark Fate. And I left angry at how the film abandoned the redemption theme of the original films for a movie that catered to America’s woke culture. Since then, I’ve felt done with Hollywood films. I did watch the latest season, which is sadly the final season, of Bosch on Amazon Prime.

Winston @ 5 months

“I read a few good books over the summer though,” he said. “I read Conquest & Cultures by Thomas Sowell, American Marxism by Mark Levin, Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy, and I am currently reading His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life by Johnathan Alter.”

Winston @ 12 months

“Around ACH, I did a lot of work over the summer,” Mr. Denham said. “I have things organized and ready for the eSports program. Students will be able to sign up to play Rocket League in the fall or spring. Or both. I was also able to reorganize the yearbook staff. We met last week and things went really well. The gaming club is coming back. And of course, student council is in good shape this year!”

“Also, I spent a great deal of my time learning about Harkness.” Mr. Denham said. “I think students are really going to like this new method of learning in the classroom. I won’t spoil it here. My students will have to wait for the first day of school. But I think they’re going to love it.”

At LNN, we were only able to get a quick interview with a few of the teachers. We hope this helps to showcase what life is like for some teachers during the summer. If nothing else is clear from the interviews, it is evident that ACH’s teachers love life and love where they work!

Pictures submitted by teachers. Staff Pictures from Staff Directory.

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