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Disney Plus, LNN Weighs In

Disney Plus, $6.99 for childhood nostalgia. And it’s worth it.

The LNN staff reviewed and even sampled some of the shows and movies on the new Disney Plus. There are many Disney Channel and personal childhood favorites, such as Hannah Montana, and Kim Possible that are now one click away! Disney Plus created their own originals that release an episode each week, such as the new High School Musical: The Series and The Mandalorian. There are also a plethora of nostalgic movies available. From Chicken Little to the original Cinderella, there is a great variety of movies that will bring back those special memories. 

As far as navigation and the interface, it is set up like Netflix, including the family profiles and user-friendliness. It is also organized by different production studios like Marvel, Discovery Education, National Geographic, Pixar, and others.

LNN sent a survey to Mrs. Britton’s Computational Thinking class and asked what they were most excited for from Disney Plus. While many mentioned the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian, an overwhelming number of students admitted they were really excited to binge watch Hannah Montanta, a childhood nostalgic trip for sure! Despite Luke O. admitting, “What is Disney Plus?”, Alexis T. said she is excited for Kim Possible and movies like Captain Marvel and Frozen. Gabby L. unabashedly shared that she was really excited for the Camp Rock and High School Musical movies. 

Senior, Aidan L., does have his speculations though, wondering:“Is it possible that Disney Plus could be the Netflix killer that everyone has been waiting on?” The staff at LNN believe that for this holiday season, it certainly seems so.

What’s your favorite show or movie on Disney Plus? Leave a comment below.

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