The Frost Tipped Beauty

When regarding our favorite animal, dogs and cats usually come to mind. Because of that, other animals don’t get as much love as they really should. Like the arctic fox. The arctic fox is undoubtedly the most underrated animal ever. The arctic fox is a white fox that lives in the tundra, which includes areas like Alaska, Norway, and even Russia. So, why is this fox the most elegant animal on earth?

The arctic fox has a perfect coat of fur, softer than a ball of cotton. These cousins of the dog family are smaller than other foxes–and we all know that smaller equals cuter. Cuteness is its greatest feature. For the people that don’t like cuteness, the arctic fox is also very helpful in maintaining the circle of life. They eat small animals like rodents and such. So if you have a mouse problem, send in the Vulpes lagopus (arctic fox’s sciencey name).

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