Why Whataburger?

After every home football game, win or loss, many ACH students go to Whataburger to eat and hang out. Why is it? They never fail to ruin your order. Whether you order a vanilla milkshake and get a chocolate milkshake in return, or you order a Bacon and Cheese Whataburger and get an Avocado Bacon Burger, they never fail to mess up the order. I have a single question for ever ACH student who joins. Why do we return? I have asked a few fellow ACH students to answer that question. Here are their responses.

Grace Lewis: “Because it is tradition, and they never close.”

Amy Crifasi: “Because it is good!”

Madeline Sylvester: “It is tradition, and it is one of the only places that is open that late at night.”

Camille Cancienne: “It is tradition so with no questions asked, everyone knows where to meet after the ACH home games.” 

Jaiden Perry: “I go to Whataburger because after football games, I am hungry, and that is where my ride goes.” 

Elijah Huber: “MILKSHAKES! I love their milkshakes!” (Yes, he actually yelled the word milkshakes) 

Zack Ford: “Their spicy ketchup!” 

Andrew Ritchie: “Because of the honey butter chicken biscuits. Also, people are too stupid to switch it up.” 

Cody Breaux: “Because their fries taste like actual potatoes.” 

Daniel Jones: “It is the ONLY tradition that ACH has kept up with.” 

Hayden Cashat: “It is the only place that is open 24/7.”

In conclusion, Whataburger is open 24 hours a day and everyone seems to go because it is the unofficial official eating place of ACH!

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