Lion Nation News

NFL Week #2

  • Cardinals at Ravens

Ravens win 17-23

  • Chiefs at Riders

Chiefs win 10-28

  • Bears at Broncos

Broncos win 16-14

  • Eagles at Falcons

Falcons win 20-24

  • Browns at Jets

Browns win 23-3

  • Buccaneers at Panthers

Buccaneers win 20-14

  • Chargers at Lions

Lions win 10-13

  • Colts at Titans

Colts win 19-17

  • 49ers at Bengals

49ers win 41-17

  • Jaguars at Texans

Texans win 12-13

  • Vikings at Packers

Packers win 16-21

  • Cowboys at Redskins

Cowboys win 31-21

  • Seahawks at Steelers

Seahawks win 28-26

  • Bills at Giants


  • Patriots at Dolphins

Patriots win 43-0

Saints lost to the Rams 27-9. Rams Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald tried to block a pass and tore Drew Brees ligament in his thumb. Drew Brees will be out for 6 weeks. Drew’s backup Teddy Bridgewater will step in for the Saints. Teddy did not play the way he would have hoped making multiple rookie mistakes. The Saints defense played really well in the first half but lost their energy in the second. Saints Defense End Cameron Jordan played great grabbing a fumble and almost scoring a touchdown

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