NFL Week #1

  • Greenbay Packers at Chicago Bears

Packers win 10-3

  • Kansas city Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars

Chiefs win 40-26

  • Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

Vikings win 12-28

  • Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Bills win 16-17

  • Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns

Titans win 43-13

  • Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Ravens win 59-10

  • Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles win 27-32

  • Los Angeles Rams at Carolina Panthers

Rams win 30-27

  • Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers win 24-30

  • Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks win 21-10

  • New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys win 17-35

  • San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

49ers win 31-17

  • Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals

27-27 Tie

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots

Patriots win 3-33

  • Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

Raiders win 16-24

  • Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints played the Houston Texans for an exciting first game. Deshaun Watson (quarterback for the Texans) played well with 268 yards, 3 touchdowns, 66.7 completion percentage, and a rating of 114.3. Star defensive end, J.J. Watt, was shut out for the entire game. Deandre Hopkins grabbed 8 receptions for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he dropped a few easy catches. Duke Johnson Jr. and Carlos Hyde traded spotlight, achieving 140 rushing yards. Drew Brees also played well with 370 yards, 2 touchdowns, 74.4 completion percentage, and a rating of 105.8. Michael Thomas caught 10 passes for 123 yards but earned no touchdowns. Alvin Kamara rushed for 97 yards. Latavius Murray rushed for 43 yards and a touchdown. At one point, the Saints were down by one point leaving Will Lutz to kick his longest kick ever and winning the game!

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