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Spiritual Emphasis Student Testimonies |Day Two

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Spiritual Emphasis Day 2 (2 of 2)

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Yesterday was our second day of the 2019 Spiritual Emphasis student conference. Our Lions were majorly impacted by guest speaker Deryl Courtney and the message he delivered. He shared parts of his testimony, which many of the students could heavily relate to. It was both a touching and beautiful morning. 

 LNN staffers interviewed much of the students body to discover their favorite parts of Spiritual Emphasis and also how it personally impacted them.

Cora in seventh grade said that “the praise and worship songs” were her favorite part of the conference. “When everyone was worshiping at the alter,” Iris, an ACH sophomore, shared that “it was very cool.” ACH senior Andrew stated, “When the speaker spoke about the guy from Chicago who had so many opportunities, but didn’t take advantage of them… But God gave him another chance even though he disobeyed. That story really spoke to me.”

“Spiritual emphasis was very meaningful to me, because it hit subjects that gave me flashbacks. I felt like I could actually raise my hands and worship Him without being embarrassed,” one freshman explained. “For this first time, I felt the Spirit flowing through the room and it was really awesome. Spiritual Emphasis meant a lot.” 

Another freshman opened up with LNN and shared, “Similar to Daniel’s situation [a message shared by ACH senior, Daniel], there was one area in my life that I could not let go of. At this conference, I was able to let go and let the Lord fill me up. My life was changed over those two days, and I am extremely grateful for what the Lord did. It was also amazing to be able to worship Jesus freely. God truly did something beautiful.” 

“Spiritual emphasis opened my eyes to everyone’s view of God,” sophomore Brayden stated. “When we were told the story about the guy that chose on the spot to go the wrong way, it spoke to me. It helped me realize that if we want that change in our life, we need to initiate it immediately instead of just waiting around for change.”

Another sophomore, Emory, shared, “Spiritual Emphasis showed me that I don’t have an infinite amount of time to get my life right with God. I have to take responsibility for my actions and learn how to make better choices the next time I’m at a crossroads in my life.” 

Olivia, a junior at ACH, said, “Spiritual Emphasis was such a life changing experience. So many people all going through different problems and struggles in life, coming together in the presence of the Lord is just crazy. I think many lives were touched by God those two days.”

“Spiritual Emphasis really helped me open up to God,” ACH senior Catie shared. “It really showed me that to be better and have a stronger relationship with God, I have to let go of what is holding me back.”

Dakota in junior high, shared that what she got out of yesterday’s message was that “your decisions determine your future.” Decision making  played a major part in the message, Morgan in seventh grade said what stood out to him was that “between two choices, one choice can decide your future.” And Madeline in eighth grade shared: “I saw people cry that I didn’t know had feelings. Even the tough people broke down; all for Jesus.” 

Ascension Christian is thankful for the opportunity to experience these awesome things the last few days.

Big shout out to Pastor Connor! Thanks 🙂

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