High School Junior High Lion Nation News

Volleyball Scrimmage

The ACH Lady Lions kicked off volleyball this past week. Our Lions played a scrimmage against Walker High School. Both JV and Varsity demonstrated their hard work from over the summer. First up was JV. and although the Lady Lions did their best, Walker put up a good fight. ACH was off to a good start, winning their first set, but then came the intense second set. Our Lady Lions just needed to win one more set to win the match, but this didn’t come so easy with the neck-to-neck scoring. As the game reached 22-22, the crowd scooted to the edge of their seats with fiddling thumbs, impatiently waiting for the next move. ACH received one point then Walker the next, back to ACH and again to Walker. Needing to win by two points would put the score over the standard 25, so the Lady Lions did not give up. With parents and siblings popping to their feet the score reached 25-25, and finally after what seemed like a century, ACH took the win of 27-25!

A huge congrats to our Lady Lions volleyball team for never giving up even through tough times out on the court!

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