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An Unstoppable FIRST Week

article by Stevie Ann Lerille

I had the pleasure to interview two special, hard-working people at Ascension Christian High School: Campus Administrator & Dean of Academics, Ms. Carol Vaughn; and Assistant Campus Administrator, Mr. Dustin Bagwell. I asked them about the first week of school and here’s what they had to say.

“What does the word ‘unstoppable’ mean to you?” 

Ms. Vaughn – “God is forever faithful. No matter what I do, He is never going to give up on me. He’s going to keep pursuing in me because He has a special plan for my life.” 

Mr. Bagwell- “When we are connected to God daily in relationship. That is the source of all the power, glory, and strength we need everyday.” 

“What was your favorite moment of the entire first week?”

Ms. Vaughn- “It was amazing to me that the first and second day were nearly perfect! The students seemed happy and we tried really hard to listen to the students like putting scriptures in the bathroom and removing the benches in the hallway. Everybody was working together and it seemed to be a happy place.” 

Mr. Bagwell- “Day one was my favorite because we got to see the hard work of both the students and faculty in unity.”

Interviewing both of ACH’s administrators reminded me how much they care for this campus. Ms. Vaughn said that the one word that kept sticking out to her throughout the first week was “unity”. I could not agree with her more! I hope this inspires everyone to work and grow together throughout this year and to be UNSTOPPABLE!

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