Bring a Bucket!

Psalm 81:10
“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.”

Man, I love this verse! Here is what it speaks to me:
First, God starts off by saying what He has already done. I think that’s a great practice; say what God did before the next promise is revealed. Let’s definitely do that!
Now, this last part. That is what gets me pumped. God asks us to open our mouth. And how do we do that in a spiritual sense? Good question! I believe we do this by sacrifice. And by sacrifice I mean praise. I believe the Lord sees you ever so clearly when you open wide your mouth and praise Him for what He has done. Another idea is that we can “open our mouths” by being led by the Holy Spirit. That could be obeying what He told you to do or putting God in a position to act. For instance, if you are reading the Bible, that is opening the door for the Holy Spirit to pour His peace and wisdom over you and your life.
I pray in Jesus’ name that as you read this, Jesus would minister to you. I pray He’d show you how to open up to Him. Finally, I pray that you would stay faithful to walking on the promise of God. Just as He said, He will fill it.

Love, Sarah Grace

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