The Dread of Reputation

Psalm 62:7

“My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge.”

I really like the first part of this verse. I feel like it takes the pressure off. Like saying, ”All I am, it all depends on you, God.”

The word honor means, “high respect.” It is good to know, and very freeing, that every respectable moment of our lives is all because of God. Now, we don’t have to have the pressure of measuring up because it isn’t even based off of our works anyway. Sure, God blesses our work, but all the credit we get, he gives us the chance to receive that credit. It gives me peace, and I pray it gives you peace as well, that all the good things people see in us are all because of God. Therefore, we don’t have to have this stress put on our backs. Our God died for us to be free from that, so we will not walk in the dread of reputation.

Love, Sarah Nelson

Also,Thank you for reading this! Praying God speaks directly to your heart in this. He so sees you.

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