We Get to Inherit This

Feature, Weekly Scripture

Psalm 62:1
“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.”

When I hear the words, “the rest of God” or “entering into the rest of God”, I get a sense of curious peace. I would love to find out what this rest in Him means, and I also get a sense of a promise. Since I know that God has promised me peace (Psalm 85:8 NIV).
A pastor from my church said it like this, “Rest isn’t found in your bed or a vacation, but a person.” What if we actually took this rest seriously? What if we said,” God, I am entering into your rest, even as I write this paper, or even as I go through this trial with my family.”
I have a feeling the rest of God come with so much more then we could think of. I pray we would walk boldly into the rest of Jesus this week. He did the work, so since we are connected to Him, we get to rest into Him. It’s our right, as His children. It is our inheritance.

Love, Sarah

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