Campaigning INFO

High School, Junior High, News

If you are running for Student Leadership as a representative (excludes class president), you have the following campaign options available.

Campaign Week is April 8-12. Election Day is Friday, April 12.

Campaign Options

  • 30 Second Video Ad for Wednesday Election Bulletin (April 10). You can create a 30 second video and submit to LNN or appear for 30 seconds on the broadcast. If you want LNN to film your video, filming will be done Tuesday, April 9 during high school 5th period.
  • One Instagram graphic to be posted by Lion Nation News during the campaign week (1080×1080, image should be a square and emailed to Mr. Denham no later than Monday, April 8.
  • Campaign posters can only go inside of teacher classrooms and must be approved by each teacher. No posters or flyers in the hall, gym, or cafeteria. Posters can go up only during campaign week.
  • During campaign week, if you bake snacks as part of your campaign, you need to have it approved by Mrs. Kleinpeter or Mr. Denham. They will tell you the appropriate time to give out the snacks.
  • Jr. High and Freshmen Representatives, you can choose ONE day at lunch during campaign week to give a prepared speech to your peers. See Mrs. Kleinpeter for details about planning the speech.
  • Anything additional related to your campaign, please see Mrs. Kleinpeter (Jr. High) or Mr. Denham (High School) for approval.

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