Expect the Unexpected | Powderpuff UPDATE

High School, Junior High, Lion Nation, News

Powderpuff has been an event just to plan! But Lion Nation News and the National Honors Society are dedicated to providing the best Powderpuff experience! What you see is student-driven and student-managed. Mrs. Stone and I (Mr. Denham) are just happy to help them stay organized.

Lots of sign ups and surveys. Lots of tweaks and changes as we make it the best we can. See the details below for the latest update.

  • Sophomores will play the juniors in the Powderpuff flag football tournament.
  • Grades 7-9 will compete in volleyball.
  • NHS will play the Senior Beta in a kickball tournament.
  • Gaming Room is approved! So, bring your devices 🙂
  • Old School Board Game Room is approved! More info later.
  • Jr. and Sr. Beta will be selling sweets.
  • Concessions will be open during the Powederpuff tournament (nachos, etc.)
  • Lion Nation News will have some unique, limited time items to give out! (it’s pretty cool)
  • You need a Powderpuff t-shirt to play, cheer, or coach.
  • Deadline for sign up and t-shirt is MARCH 28.

Grades 7-9 Sign up https://forms.gle/HqrtQMxpwfajsPEU6

Sophomore and Junior Sign up https://forms.gle/ABCf1W7qMbVnqKhu9

Powderpuff t-shirt (Deadline is March 28)

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