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World Wide Web (of conspiracies)

On March 12, 2019 the day I started writing this article, the World Wide Web turned 30 years old. The World Wide Web was created by Tim-Berners Lee who is a British computer scientist.

Visual representation of the the Internet from the Opte Project

Before the World Wide Web came out, people had been sending emails, files, and ran message boards. When the World Wide Web came out, navigating through information became easier for everyone. People could now use web browsers, webpages, and hyperlinks to find information faster. In the early days of the internet, shopping became popular. Amazon, which used to be a bookstore online, became the source of online shopping, which closed down many brick and mortar stores. Netflix, which was the ultimate downfall of Blockbuster, redefined how people watched tv and movies. Netflix is the top streaming service in 2019. Reddit, which is another popular place on the internet is a place where people could start communities and find people who have similar interests. Youtube, which is a website where you can post videos is very popular website. Social media like Instagram, facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, myspace, and other websites are places where you could socialize with people around the world. The internet has changed in many years and will keep changing until a meteor destroys the planet and the internet goes extinct like the dinosaurs.

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