Feature Weekly Scripture

Under His Wings

Psalm 91:4
“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

In this scripture, I like how God shows how protective He is. I wonder what it would look like in your life if God covered you the way this verse talks about. What dirty part of your heart would He cover? Your parent’s divorce? Depression? All I know is that we have to hand over our lives. Yes, even when it is uncomfortable to worship. Or you are so tired of worshiping and not hearing from God. Even then, too.
I also really like the fact that we will be protected by His faithfulness. Meaning, when He shows up to us in a specific way, that’s going to shield us from the lies that we can easily believe.
I pray you’d give over your worry, pain, or whatever you are going through, to the Man who would love to take them; who already did your part. And what do you do? You rest in Him. Yep, that’s it. There is no striving for this love. There is no good list or bad list. You are His child and He is a good dad. He will take care of you.

(Resting in God – Psalm 62:5-8 and Isaiah 57:2)

In His Love With You, Sarah

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