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Oceans 11 but real life

In Italy, a group of thieves decided to steal a very famous painting from an Italian Church on Wednesday, however they did not get what they expected. The artwork that they planned to steal was worth around $3.4 million. Police caught news of the planned heist about a month before it actually took place, so they developed a plan and put it into action. The police swapped out the painting for a copy that was worth nothing. After the fake painting was stolen, the newspapers around the area were reporting that the theft of it was a “hard blow for the community.” Police then later revealed that they had heard about the plan about a month before the heist. They had this to say, “Rumors were circulating that someone could steal the work, and so the police decided to put it in a safe place, replacing it with a copy and installing some cameras,” Mayor Daniele Montebello told Italian news agency ANSA.

Image from Fortune

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