Feature Lion Spotlight

Lion Spotlight 2019: Vol. 7

What are some of your favorite activities outside of school?

Kolbie Landry – Archery.
Phillip Landry – Baseball.
Ryan Ritchie – FIshing.

What is your favorite subject in school?  Why?

Kolbie Landry – History, cause.
Phillip Landry – Math, because it’s easy.
Ryan Ritchie –  History.

What is your favorite food and drink?

Kolbie Landry – Root beer and Chinese chicken fried rice.
Phillip Landry – Bang and sausage biscuit.
Ryan Ritchie – Water and spicy fish.

What is your favorite color?

Kolbie Landry – Baby blue.
Phillip Landry – Red.
Ryan Ritchie – Camo.

What is your favorite sport?

Kolbie Landry – None of the above.
Phillip Landry – Baseball.
Ryan Ritchie – Baseball.

What is your favorite brand?

Kolbie landry – Under Armor.
Phillip landry – Adidas.
Ryan Ritchie – Adidas.

What is your favorite holiday?

Kolbie Landry – Thanksgiving.
Phillip Landry – Christmas.
Ryan Ritchie – Christmas.

What state or country would you most like to visit?

Kolbie landry – Czech Republic.
Phillip landry – None.
Ryan Ritchie – Africa.

What are you looking forward to most over the next 10 years?

Kolbie Landry – Staying alive.
Phillip Landry – Baseball.
Ryan Ritchie – Getting my driver’s license and a truck.

What trend do you wish would come back?

Kolbie Landry – Anything but “what does the fox say” and Fortnite.
Phillip Landry – None.
Ryan Ritchie – Clowns.

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