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Rebecca Suger

Rebecca Sugar, age 31, was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, in a Jewish family. She had a brother named Steven Sugar and a passion for animation and writing. But you might be wondering what’s so special about her. Well, with Women’s History Month coming up in March, I thought she was worthy to be written about, despite her not being one of the traditional women chosen for a topic such as this.

First, let’s talk about what counts as a woman worth honoring. I believe that a person is worth being written about when they’ve done something great. Obvious, right? But it also matters to me how they got to that great point. If they made decisions that helped them cheat their way to the top, I don’t think they’re worth writing about. The real role models are ones who work hard for what they want. Rebecca Sugar is absolutely worthy of writing about.  

Rebecca Sugar went to the school of Visual Arts in New York. Like I said before, she’s always had a passion for writing and art. I’m sure if you haven’t seen Adventure Time, you’ve probably at least heard of it, which is one of the shows that Rebecca helped animate and write (both songs and a few side episodes.) Not only that, but she also helped create storyboards for the first Hotel Transylvania. But this isn’t even the beginning of what she’s done, she was actually the first female to independently create a cartoon series, Steven Universe, which is still running today and recently just finished its 5th season. Steven Universe’s movie is going to come out around Fall, 2019. Rebecca Sugar also writes most of the songs for Steven Universe, and other songs outside of Steven Universe. One of her well-known songs is “Love Like You.”

So overall, I’d say Rebecca Sugar has had an amazing life so far and still has a lot to come. She’s an amazing person and definitely one of my biggest inspirations. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend Steven Universe to anyone who’s interested in fun cartoons.

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