Feature Weekly Scripture

With My Name

Psalm 89:21-22
“My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him. The enemy will not get the better of him; the wicked will not oppress him.”

A trick one of my brothers taught me was to replace the word him, with my name. So, whatever your name is, put that name in the place of him, each time it says it. It really helps to give you a powerful idea of God pointing directly to you.

Look different? This verse just shows the power of God. How He says with confidence,

”the enemy will not get the better of him.” How desirous He is for us to know how much He is willing to fight for us. So willing, He’d let His own son die so we could be His children. By blood. That’s pretty serious. Let’s not take that lightly.  The Lord is so in love with us! Ask God to show you how wide His love is for you. Because He did everything for all of us to be together.

Today, make the decision to let God love you. One day we will see Him and it’ll be so surreal! Heaven is so close, why not start loving God now?

You got this.

Love, Sarah

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