Climate Change + Polar Bears

Image Source Insider

In ones of Russia’s archipelago, Novaya Zemlya, they have issued a state of emergency and a demand for evacuation after an invasion of polar bears! Over the past few months, over 52 polar bears have visited the island. This behavior comes from climate changes and the abundance of garbage. Their habitats are melting because of the rapid warming of the climate. They are migrating to try to find a colder place to stay, which results in them showing up to civilizations across the area. Although polar bear attacks have been fairly rare, however officials had this to say, “The worry is that when bears and people live close together, the risk of conflict increases.” One major problem is that human food attracts the bears to the civilization in order to get food. One solution has been proposed, an electric fence around the dump that the bears are being attracted to. One video even shows the polar bears inside of an apartment building!

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