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The One, The Only, Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson needs no introduction, but for a grade he technically does. Michael Jackson’s story begins August 29, 1958. As a child, he was in a family band called the Jackson 5. They wrote songs such as their first release Ben. They grew into something international! And became the outlet for Michael Jackson to grow as a solo artist.

His first solo song “Got To Be There” set him on his way to becoming a legend! From songs like Man In The Mirror, Billie Jean, and Thriller. His music career blew up, making history for his authenticity.

One particular song that stands out They Don’t Care About Us wasn’t directed straight towards police brutality or racism. It was targeted towards the people with power and their effects on those who don’t have power. Yes, this included African American people who were victims of police brutality, but it also includes how politicians affect society and how, in general, any authority can be corrupt.

Another impactful song, Black or White speaks for itself. The song lets you know that no matter what the world says, YOUR SKIN DOESN’T DEFINE YOU!! And it shouldn’t alter what people think of you either. The way that Michael had that music video portrayed couldn’t have been any better. If you watch it yourself, it has a black baby and a white baby sitting next to each other, just enjoying each others company. Powerful!

So, when you think of the infamous late Michael Jackson, think of all the positivity he gave to the world through his music. The messages in his songs that most likely got someone through a bad day. Or even the songs you will have on replay at a party. His passion got out to the world, and he did all he could do in the short life that he lived.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

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