Techie Tuesdays|Titanfall 3?

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Good morning, Lion Nation, and it has come to my attention that there has been a rumor going around in the gaming community: EA plans on releasing a game soon, and there is a good chance that game will be the third installment of the Titanfall franchise. Some of you may be thinking “What’s Titanfall, and why should I care?” Well, allow me to shed a little light on the subject.

Titanfall is a crossover of so many different game genres that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the next begins. Released in March of 2014, Titanfall brings the gun mechanics of COD, the “mecha” mechanic of games like Mech Assault, a parkour system that makes Mirror’s Edge players envious, and more explosions than a Michael Bay film. There are three mechanics, though, that really make Titanfall stand out from the hundreds of other titles in the FPS category.

First up, we have the titans. After getting a few kills in a match (3-5 usually), you can press a button and a 14 foot mech called a titan will come falling out of the sky, landing a few feet away. This process is called “titanfall”, where the game got its name. Depending on the type of titan, the player will enter the massive exosuit through a hatch somewhere on the titan’s body. Now, the fun begins. Not only are titans equipped with an arsenal that would make the terminator jealous, they are quite fast on their feet and strong enough that a single punch from one of their metal fists can mean game over for even the toughest of pilots. Players can also equip a variety of support options, including cluster rockets, electric smoke, particle shields, and even a core that allows players to set off the nuclear reactor in their titans, dealing massive damage to everyone unlucky enough to get close to the blast. Titans are also tough, taking a coordinated attack from at least two players to take down.

Next up is the grunt mechanic. Titanfall is quite unique in that along with the 15-30 players on each match, a constant feed of ai-controlled “grunts” fight for each team, making the battlefield seem much more populated, as well as giving people who may not be very good at killing other players an easier task.

Last, but certainly not least, are the players’ jump kits. Double-jumping, wall-running, and being immune to fall damage are now possible thanks to the set of miniature jets strapped to each player’s lower back. Combining a fast paced shooter with a fluid parkour system makes for quite a fun game, as any rooftop can be a sniper nest, and any wall can be a good camping spot. Even if the rest of the game was terrible, I’d still play Titanfall just for the fun of jumping around like a sci-fi ninja.

Respawn released a second Titanfall game, Titanfall 2, adding new titan classes, weapons, and gear, as well as a riveting story line and incredible graphics. It was everything the first game was and more, a feat rarely achieved in the video game industry. It’s sad to see that such a great game didn’t gain that much popularity due to its release being right between COD WWII and BF1. And now, it looks like a a third game is in the works.

I heard this news from The Quartering, and after doing some digging, here’s what I have to offer:
•The game will be called Apex Legends
•It will not be a traditional titanfall game
•It will be a battle-royale style game
•there will NOT be any titans
•the jump kits will be massively nerfed, with double jumping and wall running being impossible, but climbing and a lack of fall damage are still a nice bonus
•the game will have the same COD/Battlefield hybrid feel to it
•micro transactions and cosmetics will be available, as per usual

Uh-oh, this isn’t very promising. What made Titanfall stand out were its jump mechanic and the titans themselves. Removing them may be a fatal mistake, turning a wonderful franchise into another run-of-the-mill battle-royale shooter. I sincerely hope that there is some reason for these changes and not another EA cash grab, but that’s just my opinion.

Let me know how you guys feel by leaving a comment or sending me an email to! Thanks for reading and have a great week.
–Devlyn Coulter

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