National News

Build A Wall & Crime Will Fall… and Gov’t Reopens

President Trump reopened the government temporarily so that federal employments could get paid. President Trump wants to build a strong wall to deter illegal immigrants, human traffickers, and drug smuggling,, so he isn’t ready to give up on the wall just yet! With the government reopening only for three weeks, what comes next could be another stalemate or a different tactic. The Democrats, who have control of the House, believe that building a wall won’t do much to prevent people coming through the border, therefore they don’t want to pass funding for the wall. For a wall bill to pass, Democratic house members need to cross the aisle to pass a spending bill, which is highly unlikely. Since the government has reopened, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has invited the president to deliver his State of the Union Address to Congress, a privilege previously denied during the shutdown. It is hard to say whether President Trump will continue with the scheduled SOTU address, or just do something different. As is common to President Trump, he tends to do his own thing. He even has a new campaign slogan for his future 2020 campaign run.

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