Local News

Goddell’s Response

“Our officials are human. “

Roger Goddell delivered an explanation on the “no call” play for the Saints-Rams championship game. One bad call in the last few minutes of the game sent the Rams to the Superbowl but unfortunately caused the New Orleans Saints to lose their championship game. Roger Goddell addressed the concerns on that call with the press shortly after. One of the most controversial statements, Roger Goddell said, “Our officials are human. They’re not going to get it right every time. Technology isn’t going to solve all of these issues. Referees aren’t robots.”

When asked if he would ever consider restarting or replaying the game, he said “absolutely not.” Godell admitted, when pressed, that the play should have been called, although he only took questions from few reporters. In another remark Godell reassured, “We’re obviously proud of having the Patriots and Rams here. We understand the disappointment of the Saints fans, the organization and the players.” Saints fans across the nation are frustrated with Godell’s response to the bad call which cost the Saints the Superbowl.

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