Feature Lion Spotlight

Lion Spotlight 2019: Vol. 2

What are some of your favorite activities outside of school?

Emma Kleinpeter – Cheer and taking naps.

Ethan Cormier -Basketball and piano.

Mia Michel – Watch Netflix, sleep and go to the school games.

What is your favorite subject in school?  Why?

Emma Kleinpeter – English because it easy and I like writing.

Ethan Cormier – Geography because it is interesting.

Mia Michel – Career ed because of the movies.

If You Could Write One New Law That Everyone Had To Obey, What Law Would You Create?

Emma Kleinpeter – You have to take a drug test before voting.

Ethan Cormier – To make America great again.

Mia Michel – I have no idea; I’m indecisive.

If You Were Given One Thousand Acres Of Land, What Would You Do With It?

Emma Kleinpeter – I would build a mansion and a lake.

Ethan Cormier – I would build a stadium or an area to make money off the events.

Mia Michel – Sell some of it then build a castle!

Do You Have Any Ridiculous Goals In Life?

Emma Kleinpeter – To own 100 cats!

Ethan Cormier – Not really.

Mia Michel – To ummm…

How Did You Find Out That Santa Isn’t Real?

Emma Kleinpeter – My sisters told me.

Ethan Cormier – At the mall asking my mom why she put coke zero by the cookies instead of milk.

Mia Michel – I walked in on my mom wrapping my brothers present, then I helped her.

If You Could Shop For Free At One Store, Which One Would You Choose?

Emma Kleinpeter – Pacsun

Ethan Cormier – Footlocker

Mia Michel – American Eagle

If You Had One Day Left To Live On The Earth, What Would You Do?

Emma Kleinpeter – Hang out with my friends and my dog.

Ethan Cormier – I would go spend time with all of my friends and relatives.

Mia Michel -Spend it with my friends and family.

What Event In Your Life Would Make A Good Movie?

Emma Kleinpeter – Summer 2018

Ethan Cormier – My freshman experience

Mia Michel – My sixth grade year

What’s the greatest adrenaline rush that you’ve ever felt?

Emma Kleinpeter – Indoor skydiving

Ethan Cormier – Jumping off a 50 foot cliff

Mia Michel – Doing my homework a minute before its due

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