There’s a new coffee shop in town, and its business is doing really great! Sips Coffee & Gifts is located in Gonzales near the well-known snowball shop that everyone loves, Cade’s Frozen Custards. There are many reasons why I love the new coffee shop Sips. It hasn’t even been open six months and people are already hooked on it. What I enjoy about Sips is the customer service! The people are extremely nice. They greet you when you come and again when you leave, and they even ask how your day’s going. They’ve done this every time that I’ve been there. I have even developed a great friendship with some of the people working there because they were so nice and personable.
I’m not the only one that feels this way about Sips. This coffee shop has great reviews all around and over a 1,000 likes on their Facebook page. Everyone I’ve talked to about Sips has only had positive things to say. I personally think this is exactly what we needed in Gonzales to compete with the well-known Starbucks and even the newer PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. Before Sips opened, I would have to travel to Starbucks which always has long wait times. Another thing you might not know is that Sips is no ordinary coffee shop. Sips has more than just coffee. They specialize in items such as candles, giftcards, and much more. So, show some local love and check out Sips Coffee & Gifts in Gonzales, Louisiana.

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