Feature In the Classroom

What’s New with Art?

It’s Spring 2019! I interviewed the Art I & ll teacher, Mrs.Ramagos, to find out a little more about what is going on in her class.

What kind of projects do you have planned for the upcoming semester?

“Our portfolio for the year will include a variety of projects. Some will be a repeat from last semester, like our self-portrait paintings, the recreating of famous masterpieces, as well as depictions of fruits and vegetables. Some new projects planned for this semester that you should be excited to see will be a stop motion short film, as well as a branding project where we will create our own branding for candies.”

What are some examples of current projects your class is working on?

“Currently, we are working on a Zentangle exercise to help with our craftsmanship and experiment with creating patterns using many different types of lines.”

What is your overall goal for your students this semester?

“I would love for my students to experience art in a different way, for them not to be afraid to make mistakes, and to push their talents and boundaries to create the best projects that they can.”

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