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Making Our Game EP 1: The Story So Far.


Who need’s to upload images? i can use text!



————/ | \\-

———–/ / /–

———-/ / /—

———/ / /—-






(above) one of the images Brock made for the sword you start out with. It looks a little wonky because it’s made for a blockier font.

In my last article I went over the process of creating a game. I will infrequently post Making our Game episodes, usually when we make a significant advancement.

currently, in the 10 step method, we are writing our code.

here’s our path.

Step 1: get an idea

Dungeons and depression: a text-based DnD style game with the object being to teach people the basics of Dungeons and Dragons. The game can be played through in 3 hours.

Step 2: write the idea out.

I did, but I’m not posting it here. Can’t be spoiling the game yet, can I?

Step 3: get a team

I invited my good friends Gabe Jelly and Brock Brumley to help out, and both were quite enthusiastic about the idea. I invited Cody, but he turned me down. No worries.

Step 4: pick your hardware, engine, language, etc.

Since the game is text-based, we elected Python to be our programming language. We won’t need a game engine or any special hardware either, since all of the input is through the keyboard.

Step 5: figure out who does what

This part was tricky, but we figured it out quickly enough.

Gabe is writing the quests, I am writing the story line and quests, and Brock is working on our sprites and the interface.

Since we have no engine, we skipped steps 6 and 7.

Step 8: coding your game

This is where we are. We are currently working on a combat system, and after that we will start on the interface.

See you later!


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