Why Stress? It’s Only Math…

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Gallup, 2004

The table above shows the percentage of subjects students found out most difficult for them. Math ranked at the top with 37 percent. More students also identify Science as an area they lag (20%) followed by English (18%). Why is math regarded as the most challenging subject in school, in general? Math is hard to do intuitively, unlike some subjects. Math problems can be diversified although they are constructed based on the same concept. Similarly, there can be more than one solution for the same problem, because lots of different parts of math are related. Math requires both memorization and adaptability. Studying math should be done cumulatively, otherwise, it is going to be hard to understand certain concepts.Image result for studying Understanding the root concept is crucial in studying math cause no matter how complex the concepts are they were originated from the most basic ideas

In the 1980s, the following experiment was conducted to discover what really matters in studying math. During the two-year period, instead of solving math problems, students were asked to read only the examples that were pre-solved. After two years of studying, the students who read only the examples took a test and were able to score significantly better than the students who studied math by actually solving the problems for three years. What does this test result mean? Studying math is not merely solving a lot of problems, but it is much more important to know concepts through thinking.

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