Jeff Bezos and Amazon

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How has Amazon changed the American and global economies? How does Amazon impact people’s everyday life, and how might the business change in the future?

By Amazon forming and revolutionizing the world in shipping and taking over the economy off of buying whole foods out. I can see Amazon taking over a lot and control a lot of the economy and their business expansion get bigger and better.

When was a was amazon founded?

July 5, 1994, Seattle Washington

What is Jeff Bezos net worth?

Jeff Bezos has 100 billion and has 150 billion net worth according to Forbes.

What is Jeff Bezos’s younger years like?

Jeff Bezos Was born January 12, 1964, in New Mexico in a town called Albuquerque. Bezos loved computers from an early age and studied and graduated at Princeton Universtiy. After graduation, he decided to go to work on wall street and was the youngest vice president of a company.9

What is Amazon worst?

In 2017 Amazon was worth $430 billion.

What is the Future of Amazon

In the future, I can see Amazon’s shipping get better with drones and Amazon getting bigger and better with technology. Since Amazon bought out whole foods I feel like they will continue putting businesses out of business throughout the future of Amazon. I can see the government getting involved in Amazon and try to break up the business just so it doesn’t overtake a lot of business. In the future, we feel like Amazon is and will be a powerful part in America and to its economy.