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The Lion Bridge is Falling Down!

by Ava Lacombe and Rebecca Barton.

In Mrs. Cameron’s science class, the seventh and eighth graders built bridges. Their bridges were constructed from toothpicks and modeling clay. The STEM objective required the students’ designs to withstand 100 pennies! Mrs. Cameron judged the bridges based on their strength design, and how it fit in with its surroundings. The winners from each class received bonus points.

Here are a few questions that were asked to some of the students that did the project:

What did you learn from the project?

Katelin South: I learned that there are multiple bridges that all work differently.

Noah Broussard: I learned how a bridge works and how to make one.

Cherryie Mitchell: That it is hard to build a bridge out of toothpicks.

Adin Carter: That building bridges are hard

How many times did you have to rebuild your bridge?

Katelin South: We had to rebuild our bridge 3 times.

Noah Broussard: None

Cherryie Mitchell: About 16 times.

Adin Carter: Too many to count

Were you happy with the group you were assigned?

Katelin South: The group was ok but everyone was talking and they really weren’t working.

Noah Broussard: No, they were all girls

Cherryie Mitchell: Yes, I was.

Adin Carter: Yes

Did your group get along?

Katelin South: No, our group really did not get along because mainly one person or two at times were doing the work and others were playing and talking.

Noah Broussard: Yes, we made a good bridge.

Cherryie Mitchell: Yes, we did.

Adin Carter: Yes.