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Lion Spotlight 2018: Vol. 11

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Lion Spotlight Vol. 11

What are some of your favorite activities outside of school?

Braxton Hudnall: Baseball and Cutting up with friends
Justin Krass: Football.
Christiona Raven: Volleyball and lying around with friends.
Victoria Turner: Shopping, drawing, watching YouTube and Netflix, painting my nails
Corin Waguespack: Softball, volleyball, Netflix, and hanging with friends

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

Braxton Hudnall: Spanish because I like the teacher.
Justin Krass: Science because I’m good at it
Christiona Raven: Math because it is easy for me.
Victoria Turner: Science because I want to be in the medical field when I get older
Corin Waguespack: Science because it’s interesting

HOCO or Sadie Hawkins? Why?

Braxton Hudnall: Hoco because it’s a lot more fun I guess
Justin Krass: Sadie Hawkins because I don’t have to do like anything
Christiona Raven: Hoco because it is less stressful.
Victoria Turner: Homecoming because I think it would be less stressful
Corin Waguespack: Hoco

Would you rather not have your phone for a month or no bathing for a month?

Braxton Hudnall: Not have my phone because that would just be gross.
Justin Krass: Not have a phone because like that’s disgusting
Christiona Raven: Not have my phone
Victoria Turner: Not have my phone because I am hygienic
Corin Waguespack: No phone because not bathing is nasty

Do you celebrate Halloween, If so what are you being?

Braxton Hudnall: Yeah, I am being Rocky and his wife with one of my friends.
Justin Krass: Yes I am being SpongeBob.
Christiona Raven: Yes and I don’t know yet.
Victoria Turner: My cousin and I were characters from Sleeping Beauty
Corin Waguespack: I go with my sister to go trick or treating, my sister was a grandma and I was life alert.