Feature Pop Culture


Lately Leaky Lake’s house has floated all over the map. Everyone was so confused at what could possibly happen to our map. One of the biggest fears was that one of the original spots, Salty Springs, was going to be destroyed. The house finally made its way back to Leaky Lake and broke into three home sides.

Now on your way to the corrupted areas you can shoot the purple stones and also Captureseveral zombies appear and attack you. As you eliminate the zombies, loot is dropped and you can pick them up and use them to help you out. The entire map is now foggy and Halloween themed.

The addition, everyone has been so hyped for the new Revolver. It is a sixshooter and can be found in Uncommon, Rare, and Epic variants. It shoots much faster when shot from the hip. It accepts medium ammo and does a range of damage from 34 to 38 base damage. And one last comment, don’t forget to pick up the pumpkin launchers!


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