Top Ten Most Influential People Of The Harlem Renaissance

Countee CUllen

10. Countee Cullen was an American poet, novelist, children’s writer, and playwright during the Harlem Renaissance.

Duke Ellington

9. Duke is a pianist and a bandleader of a jazz band. He performed in Broadway nightclubs. Both of Duke’s parents were both musicians and very good at what they did.

Zora hurston

8. Zora is an influential author and in the books she writes she talks about the struggles she has to go through being an African American author

Aaron Douglas

7. Aaron is a lead painter in the Harlem Renaissance who was born in Topeka Kansas.

Billie Holiday

6. Billie Holiday is an Amazing jazz singer. Billie Holiday found music at a young age when she was cleaning in a place called “House of Ill Repute”. She started singing at clubs because she couldn’t get hired as a dancer yet and sang from midnight to 3 pm. She started singing at clubs because she couldn’t get hired as a dancer yet and sang from midnight to 3 pm.

Marcus Garvey

5. Garvey was the person who defined Pan-Africanism, not just for the Harlem Renaissance, but for the whole world

Claud Mckay

4. Claud is  From Jamaica and produced very good novels and poems. Used his award money from his novels and poems to move to America and study for two years at Tuskegee Institute and also at Kansas State College. Later settled in Harlem. Wrote lots about racial prejudice and abuse. Traveled a lot outside of the country to write and embraced in Communism but later in life, he retreated away from it and became a Catholic Christian.

W. E. B Du Bois

3. Du Bois argued that racial equality could be gained through the arts. Using his influence as editor of the Crisis, Du Bois promoted the work of many African-American visual artists and writers.

Alain locke

2. Alain Looked to tell the Renaissance community to look to Africa for inspiration. He was dubbed the “Father of the Harlem Renaissance”

Langston hughes

1. Hughes is a famous poet from the Harlem Renaissance He is also a novel writer who made a huge impact on the Harlem Renaissance

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