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Jr. High HOCO 2018 | Roaring Through the Decades

Ascension Christian’s first junior high HOCO was a smash! Students arrived dressed from their favorite decade and danced. And wow! We can now say: Haven can dance! Our DJ, Kerri Larose, played some high energy tracks from the 50s through the 2000s. She was a lot of fun and kept the party raving. Mr. Catlin and Mrs. Cameron did a fantastic job and really seemed to let the students have fun and socialize. Mrs. Syreta came out to keep a record of who attended. Mr. Denham and I came out (also for the high school HOCO) to make sure plenty of pictures were taken for Lion Nation News and yearbook.

What better impression of the afternoon than to hear from some of the junior high students?

What did you think of HOCO?

Victoria T.: It was really fun, and I’m excited that they are starting to get JH more involved in the action.

Melanie: I think HOCO has been really fun, and I am glad that they did this. It was nice to have like a practice HOCO. And I love the energy that everyone had.

Haven: It was amazing because I felt like I inspired a bunch a people to join in and dance.

Mrs. Christi: I think it was great. They had a great time dancing and just hanging out with their friends. They danced more than I thought! It was great for them to have a night to just have fun.

How was the food?

Victoria: The cookies were delicious. I ate like at least 5 of them.

Melanie: The food was good, but I wish we had a bigger selection.

Haven: The food was great, but not good when you dance a lot

Mrs. Christi: I had planned just a few light snacks, but apparently they were hungry. So I’ll have to do real food next year!

How were the songs?

Victoria: I liked most of the songs, but the line dances like Footloose and Cupid Shuffle, were my favorites.

Melanie: I like the songs, although the students didn’t seem as involved as I had hoped.

Haven: Very interesting but wished there was a bigger variety.

Mrs. Christi: The songs were okay. It’s hard picking songs that are popular but that are still clean and appropriate for our Christian culture. And the DJ played songs throughout the decades-which was fun for the adults but some of the students didn’t know them.