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Branded | The Greatest

by Melanie Jones and Victoria Turner

“The Greatest” Part 4

At today’s chapel, Pastor Connor Bledsoe delivered a powerful and relevant message on loving others as Jesus did. He shared multiple passages from the book of John.

  • We tend to gravitate to people who are similar to us.
  • We fit people into two buckets: “we” and “they”
  • In John chapter 4, Jesus was by the well, talking to a Samaritan woman. At that time, it was surprising for Jesus to be talking to an outcast.
  • Jesus moved the woman out of a category and into a conversation. Jesus didn’t buy into the idea that her category made her unworthy of his time or attention.
  • How will people experience Christ if we don’t show them Jesus?
  • Follow Jesus’ example of treating others with respect, regardless of society’s opinion.