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Lion Spotlight 2018: Vol. 7

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Lion Spotlight Vol. 7


What are some of your favorite activities outside of school?

Daniel Weimer: Playing on the HOF worship team and playing Xbox.
Brynn Bosworth:  Cheer.
Willie Robinson:  Playing football and watching TV.
Kaleb Lambert:  Playing Xbox with the bros.
Luke Sylve:  Playing Fortnite.

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

Daniel Weimer:  My favorite subject is health, because we have fun with JP.
Brynn Bosworth:  Science because you do experiments.
Willie Robinson:  Science because I like formulas.
Kaleb Lambert:  Science because I can work on graphs and data better than anything.
Luke Sylve:  English because I like to read and write.

What is your favorite restaurant, and what is your favorite item on the menu?

Daniel Weimer:  Quaker Steak: I like their burgers.
Brynn Bosworth:  Hello Tokyo: I like the fried rice.
Willie Robinson:  Walk-Ons: I like the catfish.
Kaleb Lambert:  Walk-Ons: Bacon Cheddar Burger.
Luke Sylve:  Hello Tokyo: I like the LSU Roll with no cream cheese wrapped in soy paper.

Fortnite or PUBG?

Daniel Weimer:  PUBG.
Brynn Bosworth:  Fortnite.
Willie Robinson:  Fortnite.
Kaleb Lambert:  PUBG.
Luke Sylve:  Fortnite.

What is your favorite shoe brand?

Daniel Weimer:  Adidas.
Brynn Bosworth:  Adidas.
Willie Robinson:  Nike.
Kaleb Lambert: Adidas.
Luke Sylve:  Adidas.