Weekly Scripture

Poverty is Temporary: September 23, 2018

James 2: 5-6

“Listen my brothers; did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to them?”

At times, we all feel like we fall farther than we could ever recover from. Maybe you lost everything in the Flood of 2016, or a bad diagnoses caused your faith to crumble. Sometimes we feel blinded by our problems, we can’t see any viable outcome to a bad situation. A blind man living in total darkness might not be blind at all, sometimes we fall into dark places and lose sight of what really matters, all because we’re too afraid to turn on the lights. God has given us a light switch, a universal light switch for all of our problems. He gave us grace, grace so perfect that we cannot possibly escape it.

And further more, He has promised us the Kingdom of Heaven. Even in our darkest places, God gives us a promise, a single spark to remind us that we are not alone. His promises offer us the future, a future with no dark places to fall into. This is our promise, our perfect promise is that we have the future, in exchange for our present poverty, we have the kingdom of Heaven: for all eternity!

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The next time you find yourself in state of poverty, rather literal or figurative, remember the promise of the kingdom that we will inherit. 


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