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ACH Football Injuries

The ACH football team has really been struggling with keeping players injury free. It’s the fourth week of the football season and both Brady Gueho and Andrew Ritchie are officially cleared and finally back to playing. Starting linebacker, Ritchie, took a very

Jaiden Perry’s injured finger.

brutal hit against St. John and was diagnosed with a concussion.  While playing through the first two games, Gueho seriously injured his ankle. He had been out since the jamboree and will play in the upcoming Westminster game. Gueho was not only planned to be the key running back for ACH but is one of the top tackling linebackers for the team. Gueho and Ritchie were the first two injuries of the ACH football team.

ACH struggled even more in week two to hold another starter from getting hurt. Jaden Barton took a hard hit and was also diagnosed with a concussion. He is one the key guys from stopping teams from running the ball to the outside as a cornerback. Defensive players who are coming off the bench will need to step up during the next couple of weeks. Barton will be back along with Gueho and Ritchie. ACH is back to putting their full team together, but they are still struggling with other players out with injuries.

In game two against Ben Franklin High School, the team suffered the highest number of inuries in a single game. First, early in the game the offense and defensive line loss their leader, Luke Sylve, with a dislocated shoulder. Currently, he is going through serious therapy and should be back in the game in two weeks. Next, ACH loss one of their running backs, Jaiden Perry, to a broken finger when he ran a kick return back for 15 yards. Last up, they loss their starting wide receiver Derrick Varnado Jr. to a concussion. At the moment, things aren’t going exactly the way the ACH football team planned for the season. But the team is continuing to fight and grind it out while some players are healing up and preparing to get back on the field.