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HOCO Proposal: Part 2!


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It’s been a while, but the next batch of homecoming proposals are finally in! And there are way more this time, especially considering that we are closer to the day. So, here we go…

First, we have Michael Burnett who asked Ashlyn Weatherly. The star-peppered poster that he gave her read,”Will you light up my night at HOCO!” You can see that he put some real time and effort into this one!

Next, Brennan Hunt  proposed to Mia Michel: “I want you to be my Highlight at Home Coming, so Makeup your mind!?” Clever, sir. Clever!

Jason Kelley asked Christiana Raven too, but he added in a bouquet of flowers and a stuffed lion. I’m loving the efforts from the guys here!

Hayden Cashat asked Sophie Roussel. “Take this cool cat to HOCO and be my purr-fect date!” and then gave her a bouquet of flowers that were white roses.

Then Emily Bobe was asked by Brian Anderson while in the cafeteria. He composed a poem and created a poster which read Roses are red, violets are blue, ACH HOCO, me and you?

And our last proposal for right now includes Kaity Ratcliff who was asked by Cody Breaux. Cody gave Kaity a box of AirHeads. Airheads, hmm?

Check back regularly to see more on the ACH Homecoming Proposals.



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