Feature From the Heart

Looking Toward The Future.


Having responsibility is one of the most important things that adults and young adults HAVE to master in order to make it in life. Responsibility for anybody would mean turning in work on time, making sure everything is done, and making sure that you are set for anything else to come.

But what does this mean in the long run? Does it mean that what ever we do, we have to rely on ourselves? Even though it’s sad to admit this to ourselves but in just a couple of years, we are on our own. Some of us have less years than that.

Sure, we will have our parents and family, but I mean having to do just about everything that your parents do for us. Even the little things like clean your room, wash your clothes, get to school on time. It doesn’t mean that much to us at the moment because we have people who have already been through this monitoring us. And if we don’t take it seriously, it really will impact us when we are old enough to take care of ourselves.

Like I said, we will eventually be on our way to adulthood. But there is one thing that will always stick with us. And that would be God himself. Whatever struggles that you go through on the journey of life, God will be your leader. He will guide you in the right path, but only if you let him. And that is why it is important to stay on the path of God so that it could benefit your life in many ways.

I remember when I was living in Boston: I had to take public transportation, make sure that me and my sister were ready for school, and keep everything in check at home. It was hard having to be an adult for a time. Now I have a better understanding what it means to have to take care of myself and others.

To wrap it up, we are still children. Live in the moment, because we only have so long to do so. The future is almost here, and it will come faster than you think. So let’s do our best in school, whether it be academic or  athletic, and make the most of it while we can.