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Homecoming Proposals Begin…

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Homecoming proposals are already happening!

Reminder: ACH HOCO is October 6, 2018.

Now, the first person on our list who asked for a date was Elijah Huber. When he asked Michelle Juban with a poster and flowers, the gym was packed. They were talking and hanging out like any other morning then Elijah approached her and made his move.

Brady Gueho asked Elise Millet by bringing her a heart-covered box. As she opened the mysterious (not so mysterious?) box, balloons flooded out.  Connected to the balloons, a picture frame with a note: “Wanna fill this frame with a picture perfect night? Homecoming 2018.” How sweet!

Then, we have Blake Tramonte who proposed to Kate Anderson by writing on a volleyball and bringing her roses. On the volleyball, he wrote, “I’d dig it if you went to homecoming with me!” Awesome job, Tramonte!

The final pictured HOCO proposal is from Connor Alford who asked Kinslei Scroggs to the dance. Connor created  a poster that read, “Every King Needs A Queen.” Chivalrous!

To wrap it up for this week, I’d say that the people who still want to ask their significant others have a lot to live up to. If you want to stay updated on the upcoming proposals, then stay tuned to Lion Nation News!