Lion Spotlight 2018: Vol. 3  

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Lion Spotlight 2018: Vol. 3

What are some of your favorite activities outside of school?

Haven Simoneaux: Basketball, Football, and other sports.
Riley Fearheiley: Fortnite.
Jordan Johnson: Basketball and video games.
Gianni Taylor: Shopping and sewing.
Derrick Varnado: Basketball, football, and Fortnite.

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

Haven Simoneaux: Math because it’s easy.
Riley Fearheiley: Science because we learn about the Earth.
Jordan Johnson: Science.
Gianni Taylor: Science because I learn about the body and that ties into my career choice.
Derrick Varnado: Civics because I had a good time learning in that class.

Would you rather have super speed or super strength? Why?

Haven Simoneaux: Strength because you can save more lives.
Riley Fearheiley: Super speed.
Jordan Johnson: Super speed because you can’t do as much with just strength.
Gianni Taylor: Speed so that I can get places faster.
Derrick Varnado: Speed because you can get strength by speedily working out.

Describe your ideal meal.

Haven Simoneaux: Stir fried rice because it’s good and healthy.
Riley Fearheiley: Pizza and corn.
Jordan Johnson: Chicken and Blue Fanta.
Gianni Taylor: Brocoli and fries.
Derrick Varnado: Caesar Pita from Pita Pit.

What is one of your pet peeves?
Haven Simoneaux: When people say the Earth is flat and when they say ok after you do.
Riley Fearheiley: Pen Clicking.
Jordan Johnson: When someone bumps into you without saying “excuse me.”
Gianni Taylor: When someone says mines when the correct word is mine.
Derrick Varnado: When someone smacks while eating in my car.

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