Dear Abby Opinion


DEAR ABBY: Help! I need advice asking a certain girl to homecoming. I am a fairly shy guy, and she is usually quiet too. I’ve known her forever. I really really don’t want to ask anything too specific. But I really could use some help! Maybe even lots of help.

DEAR ONE NERVOUS DUDE: First of all, you have to stay true to who you are. While the elaborate homecoming proposals are fun, they are not for everyone. You don’t want to embarrass her by putting her on the spot in front of a bunch of people. Think back on a special memory that you share with her, and then build from there. Do the two of you share a favorite movie or a favorite joke? Do you know her favorite snack or drink or even her favorite color? Think of something simple that you know she loves, and use that in your proposal. You don’t even have to do it at school. Do you share a favorite spot or restaurant? If so, consider taking her there and ask her.

Then take a deep breath, and confidently ask her. (And remember that it never hurts to throw in a compliment!) Be sincere and I’m sure she will say yes!