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…DRUM LINE Season Begins!


Football DRUM LINE Season

by Daniel Weimer

Beyond the bleachers,

Marching to the new beat…

In my experience, drum line has always been a roller coaster of ups andimage
downs, but this year we’ve grown more and faster than ever before. I am happy to announce that we have twelve members on our team! We have three returning (myself included)
and nine new members who attended our practices, and shown great potential. We are all very
excited for the new football season! Last year,
we had six people on our team, and we had a lot of fun moments together.

This year, we’ll be bringing
nearly our entire stock of drums to the bleachers.
Sadly, we’ll be seeing off our Captain: Tyler Blanchard.

We look forward to seeing you at the games!

image (1)


We had a very successful first pep rally last week, and our first game will be at Springfield August 31st.  Only our top four members will play at Springfield. But the next week (September 7) the full drum line will be in the bleachers, bringing hype to the ACH student section.

So, ACH students! Be sure that you’re at the home games, because the student section will be lit this year! Also, our cheerleaders and football team have been working extra hard. But none of this works without you.

And for those out there looking to get in on the action: if anyone would like to play the xylophone with us this year, that position is still available.