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Mr. Denham’s 5 Tips for the Best School Experience of Your Life… sort of

It really doesn’t matter if you’re in grade seven or a senior. These five (5) tips will help you to maximize your school experience at ACH and maybe help to keep you out of trouble.

Why so sneaky?

And I say this because I  want you to not be annoyed by your fussing teacher (including me). And because… you’re not that good at being sneaky in class anyway. That bag of chips. We see it. The lukewarm coffee. Those Skittles. We see that too. Save yourself some money (3 offenses = $25) and just save it for the hall 🙂

Turn assignments in on time

Due means do. Especially in a college class. But really any class. When your teacher originalassigns a due date, it’s for several reasons: (1) your teacher has to grade the assignment and post those grades by a certain date; (2) it’s time to move on to other assignments and it slows down the process when teachers are hunting old assignments; (3) you need to practice being responsible. It’s a lifelong habit that needs fine tuning. I haven’t had a job yet where due didn’t mean due.

Speak Up -or- Don’t

Practice this by being aware when it’s appropriate to speak and when it’s not. Your teacher may extend a lot of grace in the first few weeks but that patience does come at a cost. Learn when your teacher needs you asking questions and contributing in class… and learn when it’s not time to speak up.

Show Some Love

Respect yourself, your peers, and your teacher. Make a conscious decision to practice being respectful. It’s a habit. Habits take time. You have all year to practice 🙂


Listen for that still, small voice in your heart that prompts you to bring your teacher some coffee. It’s never a bad time.